Water Safety Tips for Toddlers from The Leading Daycare Greenville NC

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Water safety is one of the most important topics for parents and for daycares in Greenville NC during the summertime. While introducing your little one to water can be exciting, parents must not forget to take all the necessary precautions when a child is near any body of water. As the leading daycare Greenville NC, Children’s World is not only committed to providing quality education but also to offering other resources for parents that will have a great impact on their children’s life. Read along as we share the best water safety tips for parents and kids.

At Home

Daycares in Greenville NC say that drowning and water safety are often associated with the beach or pool, however, babies under age 1 who drown often, do so in a bathtub. Meaning that it is important for parents to keep water safety in mind even when at home. Never leave your child unattended in the bathroom, and keep toilet lids closed when not in use.

Swimming Lessons

During the summer months, it is common for parents to take their kids to the beach, pool, or any other body of water. One of the summer activities that should be a priority for parents is swimming lessons. If this is the first time your kids are going to swimming lessons, it is best to opt for parent-child lessons until your little ones feel comfortable in the pool. Remember that event the basic swim classes teach life-saving lessons that can help your kid during an unexpected situation in the water.


As a daycare Greenville NC with over 30 years of experience, Children’s World recommends protection and supervision of your children at all times, but especially when they are near water. Safety is not always fun or comfortable, so be sure to find the best way to protect your children while in the water. The US Coast Guard regulations say that life jackets must be worn by all children under the age of 13 while on a boat, with all straps belted as instructed. On the other hand, keep your eyes on your kids when they are in or around the water.

The Leading Childcare Greenville NC

At Children’s World, we know that water safety is incredibly important for all children and parents. We are a premier daycare Greenville NC that promotes learning, creating, and exploring in an environment that is nurturing and safe. If you are still looking for daycares in Greenville NC that you trust, visit our website and learn more about our programs and curriculum!


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