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    How to Prepare Your Child For Their First Day of After School Care

        August marks the start of the school year for most public schools, and with it, the start of after school care. For young children, starting after-school care can be scary. Day school itself can require getting used to, so the addition of a second school of sorts can feel overwhelming. There are new […]

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    Gentle Parenting: A Beginner’s Guide

    You may have read gentle parenting articles online or heard the term in the wild while among other parents. Whatever the case may be, it’s become one of the biggest buzzwords circling the sphere of parenthood this year. The telephone-like fumbling of the term has led to many heated conversations between parents, grandparents, friends, and […]

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    Keeping Your Child Cool In the Summer Sun

    While summertime comes with tons of fun, free time, and time in the sun, the heat can be hazardous to your young child. Summer brings on high temperatures and harmful UV indexes that can result in your child overheating. Our exprerienced daycare Greenville caretakers are sharing the best ways to keep your child cool and […]

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