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See what people have been saying about Children’s World Learning Center. Check out some of our awesome testimonials!


“We absolutely LOVE it here! The staff, classmates, families and management are all incredible. The after-school program has been a great experience for our oldest, and it’s so convenient having both kids at the same place for pickup. They both have learned so much in our time here, and continue to grow into their own personality, and we have been so pleased with everything over the time here. I will always suggest and recommend Children’s World to anyone looking for high quality, educational and loving care.”

Kate Teel


“My wife and I have been taking our son to A Child’s Place/Children’s World for over a year now, and we have been very happy with our experience. Their staff, and especially their director, Theresa, have been very supportive and caring as we went through some difficult challenges managing the health of our son. They have been great to work with, and have been willing to go the extra mile to make sure our son got what he needed while he has been in their care. I would recommend this Daycare center and its staff to anyone looking for a great place to take their children.”

-Brendan Lake


“I have been sending my son here since he was 6 months old and I love it! He has truly blossomed under their care. Every employee is kind, compassionate and caring. When I am at work I know that he is in the best possible hands!”

Kathryn Knapp


“I really can’t say enough Children’s World! We were first attracted by their superior academic curriculum, then we were wow’d by the caring and friendly atmosphere that flows over to the children and the parents. My child is always greeted by name, even some of the staff that I don’t know seem to know him! All the teachers that we had have been very open and honest with me. They give me an accurate portrayal of my son’s strengths and weaknesses so we know what needs to be worked on at home. Because of this, my son has excelled in his pre-k class and is more than ready for Kindergarten, even though I’m not. The school also has the unique position to offer music to the children. My son has now been playing the ukulele for well over a year and LOVES it! We really couldn’t be happier. Oh and my son says the food is super good!”

-Tammy Edwards


“Children’s World has been a part of my family for more than 10 years and I cannot express how blessed our family is to have them here to care for our children.  My husband and I can go to work knowing that they are happy and content; being loved and care for by teachers who are patient, kind and competent.  We are able to do our jobs without worrying about their safety, both physically and emotionally.  Thank you, Children’s World.  You are worth more to my family than I could ever say.”

-Kelli Pack Smith


“When we received the unexpected blessing of adopting our son, the staff at Children’s World went above and beyond to assist us, helping to coordinate childcare for him quickly and easily.  They also made us feel completely comfortable about leaving our sweet boy in their care, making sure we were introduced to his teachers and even suggesting we visit several times prior to his first day so that our minds would be at ease.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful the team at Children’s World has been to us.”

-Kelley E. Whitehurst


“Very pleased with the care my son has received. He loves going to school. They have potty trained him. They have taught him his colors, numbers, shapes, alphabet, songs, etc. They do arts and crafts. They call when they feel it’s important that you know something about your child. They give detailed updates about their day. They have a lot of patience of his wild and crazy days. They have taught him how to love and respect others. They understand parents have to work and try their best not to close during inclement weather. They do family involved activities…which I love. They have cameras that allow you to observe any time and never question why. I don’t have anything bad to say about my experience at CW. Love my CW family.”

Amy C.


“We have both of our girls at the Johns Hopkins location and they are so happy, this is the first place my girls don’t flip out during morning drop off! We have been to a few daycare centers and this one is the best by far! The entire staff cares about the kids and love their job.”

-Amber Santos


“Great people! Wonderful, safe care. Lots of learning, excellent facilities, and terrifically well run business. As good as it gets!”

-Al Delia


“The Walton family is committed to quality early childhood education. Their passion for excellence shows not only in the day-to-day operations but in their vision for the future.”

-Catherine W.


“Fully integrated program with dedicated staff and family/kid friendly environment providing exactly the formula for a perfect childcare/learning center. Never disappoints!”

-Ilene C.


“All my kids LOVE Children’s World!”

-Jessica C.


“We love Children’s World. Super friendly staff and superb care!”

-Kristi S.




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