After-School Programs In Greenville NC

Looking for a new after-school program for your children in the Greenville, North Carolina area? Look no more! At Children’s World Learning Center we offer an after-school program for all school ages to help children grow and excel in the learning environment. Children’s World Learning Center is a new school that stands out differently than others in the Greenville area because we offer a variety of services to school children.

  • -infant programs
  • -toddler programs
  • -preschool programs
  • -academy (k-5)
  • -after-school program
  • -extracurricular activities
  • -summer camp


In Greenville, North Carolina there are a variety of schools in the Pitt County district. It is often hard trying to figure out which school offers the best after-school programs for every individual child. At Children’s World Learning Center, after-school programs are offered to help children with understanding homework, help children build self-confidence with public speaking, work on performing arts, new literature and overall have fun in a safe environment. This after-school program allows children to learn after hours in a fun hands-on environment surrounded by other individuals aspiring to do the same thing.This program allows children to take a break from the classroom setting and learn with a different style where fun activities are involved. The after-school program is supervised by trained employees who are certified in all areas.  


Children’s World Learning Center’s philosophy is based on a family-centered environment with positive, caring aspects throughout the facility. The program focuses on providing experiences for every child’s social, emotional, cognitive, language, and creative development. This school offers outstanding parent communication. Also providing a variety of services for children of all ages.


For the after-school learning program at Children’s World Learning Center, pick up is offered at most of the Pitt County Schools making it convenient for families to transport their children to and from the after-school program. For more information please contact us at (252) 215-9032 from 6:30am-6:00pm.



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