Gentle Parenting: A Beginner’s Guide

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You may have read gentle parenting articles online or heard the term in the wild while among other parents. Whatever the case may be, it’s become one of the biggest buzzwords circling the sphere of parenthood this year. The telephone-like fumbling of the term has led to many heated conversations between parents, grandparents, friends, and educators. But what exactly is gentle parenting? Where did it come from? And perhaps most importantly, why is it so incredibly controversial? Today we’re giving you answers. From Children’s World, daycare Greenville NC, here is your beginner’s guide to gentle parenting.

What is Gentle Parenting?

Gentle parenting, at its core, is the golden rule: treating your children how you would have wanted to be treated as a child. Generally, this includes no corporal punishment, no yelling, and no threatening. Gentle parenting aims to curb destructive behaviors via gentler methods than we may be used to. These methods aim to teach children empathy and choice, rather than try to curb bad behavior via fear. Using these methods can also help parents and children from developing strained relationships and mental health issues later. While gentle parenting is a kinder method of child-rearing, our daycare Greenville NC wants to note it is not permissive parenting.

How Can I Practice Gentle Parenting?

If you’ve decided you’d like to utilize this parenting technique in your young one’s upbringing, you may feel bombarded by all the differing advice out there. Our daycare Greenville NC wants to note that while each child, parent, and child-parent relationship is different, everyone can benefit from using the principles of this parenting movement. Here are several easy ways you can start gentle parenting today.

  1. Punish the Action, Not the Person-many parents allow emotions to get the best of them, resulting in damaging language being said to their child. Our daycare in Greenville knows that children can remember things that happened in their childhood for years to come, creating rifts between the parent and child. Instead of saying your child is being “bad,” try explaining to them what exactly it is that they’re doing wrong and why. An example: Instead of yelling at your child to get away from a dangerous object, sit them down and explain how touching that object could hurt them.
  2. Provide Choices-parents often forget that children are their own beings, not personal objects. While children aren’t old enough to make big decisions, they should still be given some autonomy where you’re able. At Children’s World, one of the best daycares in Greenville NC helps promote a healthy balance between having authority and allowing your child to explore their personality. A perfect example of this is letting your child help choose outfits they’d like to wear, or letting them choose between activities.
  3. Allow Big Feelings-at Children’s world, daycare Greenville NC, we know kids have big emotions-not all of them are quiet or kind. When your child is having negative emotions, ask them what’s wrong. If you’re dealing with a meltdown at home and your child isn’t responding, take them into a quiet area and allow them to get it all out. Sit with them a while so that they don’t feel abandoned, then let them know when they’re ready you’re there to talk. This also allows you to have time to process what you’d like to do next as well.

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We hope this introduction to gentle parenting has taught you a little more about the popular parenting technique! Are you a working parent who needs childcare Greenville NC? Children’s World daycare Greenville NC offers the best childcare in the area. From healthy snacks to educational field trips, you can be sure your child is safe and having fun with us. Need pickup? No problem! Our shuttles provide pick-up from a range of Pitt County schools to our convenient locations. To learn more about why Children’s World should be your first choice when it comes to childcare Greenville NC, visit our Children’s World childcare Greenville NC contact page to get in touch with us today.


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