Healthy Snacks for Kids

Packing school lunches and figuring out what kind of food your kids like can be tricky. Some kids are picky with the food they eat, while others don’t care as much. It can be especially hard for packing lunches, because that’s their only option for a meal when at daycare. But no need to worry! There are some snacks that almost every kid loves.

Children’s World, the best daycare Winterville NC, is ready to help you conquer those picky tastebuds! Most children can enjoy these snacks at the designated age, but it just depends on the growth of their teeth. Here are some snacks that kids love.

Infants (9-18 months)

Infants don’t usually have more than 4 teeth at this age. Normally, the two front teeth grow in first, and teething can be painful. Snacks that are chilled or cold can help with the pain and inflammation of their gums. Plain or vanilla yogurt is great because it’s nutritional and can be a great quick snack. You can also mash up some cold bananas and fruit. They can also have mashed potatoes, cut-up fruit, avocados, and baby puffs to get their jaws moving.

Toddlers (1 year-2 1/2 years)

At this stage, they have more teeth and can eat more solid foods. You can still stick with the fruits and pureed options if they like them, but you can also include things like cheese, bagels or crackers, fruit snacks or gummies, raisins, peas, and cereals like Cheerios or Kix. You can also add vegetables to the mix, along with a positive attitude that your kids will associate with eating veggies. At Children’s World, the best daycare Winterville NC, we make sure to offer healthy, safe, and nutritious snacks for your children.

Fruit smoothies are fun to make with your kids as well! Incorporating children in the cooking, baking, or making process will allow them to feel like they are helping, teach them skills they can use in the future, and allow them to have more control over their meals.

Preschoolers (2 1/2 years-4 years)

Preschoolers can have a bigger variety of food. Along with the foods they grew up eating, they can also have things like granola bars, hummus, pizza bites, cookies, fries, apple sticks, and carrots. Encouraging kids to eat the not-as-sweet foods can also get them into healthy eating habits that will benefit them in the future! At this age, they can also help more with cooking and baking, which will give them a sense of independence and give them experience working in a team.

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