Improve Your Child’s Spelling with These Games

Spelling can be a tricky subject for kids who are just learning how to read and write. Even adults have trouble spelling words sometimes. Just like with everything else in school, practice makes better, and we love to see your kids grow and learn here at Children’s World! As one of the best daycares in Greenville NC, we are happy to help your kids learn even when they aren’t in school. However, it’s imperative that they are also practicing and learning at home. Here are some ways that your kids can practice their spelling with you.

Read Aloud

Reading and seeing the word correctly spelled can help them learn how to spell it themselves. The more they say it and read it, the better they will be at spelling and pronouncing it. Try reading books to them where they can see the words and follow along on their own. When they see a word they don’t know or have trouble with, help them sound it out and spell it verbally. You can also have them write the words down multiple times, one letter at a time, and in multiple formats!

Magnetic Letters on the Fridge

While this might sound cliche, this can help your child figure out the order of letters in a word and can be a great activity for them to be in the kitchen with you while you make lunches or clean. You can tell them words to spell or have them put the letters in alphabetical order. This can also help with sensory play and letter tracing. Here at Children’s World, one of the best daycares in Greenville NC, we have many different letter games your children can play with.

Peanut Butter or Shaving Cream Spelling Game

This is a long-time favorite game to play with kids learning how to spell! Not only is it great for their senses, but it’s also so easy to clean (and can help you clean your table or bathtub). You can play this at the table or in the bath. Peanut butter or shaving cream can be used, depending on allergies or just what you have available. Just spread a layer of shaving cream or peanut butter on the surface of your choosing and have them spell words in it with their fingers! When they’re ready to spell the next word, have them wipe it away with their hands.

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