Summer Reading For Kids Of All Ages

Starting to read is a significant milestone in a child’s life. Reading opens up a world of possibilities and new worlds to explore. Most children start off being read to by their parents or those from their childcare Greenville NC center, such as Children’s World. Eventually, they start to read on their own. If you’re starting to read to your little one, here are a few book recommendations for children of all ages.

Infants (0-2 Years)

Children this age might not understand what you’re doing, but reading to your infant or young child is a great way to teach them about communication, numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. We work on this during their time at the local childcare Greenville NC center, but we also encourage parents to work on it at home by reading with them. Some of the books we would recommend reading to children from infants to two-year-olds are:

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers (3-5 years)

During this timeframe, children are starting to write, which furthers their knowledge of spelling, pronunciation, and basic sentence structure. This would be a great time for them to start transitioning to reading to you, with you available to help them better understand bigger words and unknown vocabulary. At Children’s World, one of the best daycares in Greenville NC, we encourage our kids to read, but we also read to them ourselves. You can do this at home as well with these great books.

Youth (6-8 Years)

Even though these kids are no longer toddlers, they are still working on spelling and reading skills, especially the pronunciation of certain words or sounds. If your child is getting better at reading on their own, now is a great time for them to start reading to you. They might not be able to read a novel yet and could still be working on sounds, but starting to read for longer periods of time can help support their attention span and focus. Here are a few books Children’s World, one of the finest daycares in Greenville NC, would recommend for children ages six to eight.

Children’s World | Daycares in Greenville NC

At Children’s World, we are dedicated to ensuring your children are growing and learning to the best of their ability. Our curriculums are curated for children of all ages, from infants to school-age kids. For more information about one of the leading daycares in Greenville NC, please visit our website.


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