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New Building Update (Arlington Blvd. Location)

We are coming along as scheduled and rapidly making progress each week. We are now taking enrollments for all ages as well as our Kindergarten Academy. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have and set up a time to tour. Please feel free to call us at (252) 215-9032 or email us at Read More

Now accepting application

Due to expansion of our new location on Arlington Blvd., Children’s World Learning Center and Academy is now accepting applications for all teaching positions including NCPK. Must have sound communication skills, a love of teaching, and a passion for early childhood. Require related degree and experience. To apply please call (252.413.0020) or email your resume to: aspiring- or apply directly on line on our website. Read More


Did you know that Children's World Learning Center and Academy will add a unique program called "STEAM". This is a program specifically designed to incorporate, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. We are moving full "STEAM" ahead! Read More

Thoughts from the Counselor

The Whole-Brain Child is a book that has some pretty insightful information regarding children and their brain development. I love the concept of Upstairs Tantrums and Downstairs Tantrums. Tantrums are possibly one of the most frustrating behavioral issues we have to deal with as parents and teachers. Most of us know that we should ignore tantrums. Giving attention to attention-seeking behavior will only perpetuate the issue. We also know that there are times our child really is emotionally distraught. These are certainly times that our child needs help processing his emotions to gain control over his behavior. Read More

It's Like Christmas in July!!!

It's like Christmas in July!!! ☺ Just a few of our reading materials for our kindergarten! Truly individualized learning at an accelerated pace...we have books that will take us through second grade! Registration is still open for our kindergarten class for August 2015! Call (252) 215-9032 to set up a tour of our new facility today! Read More

Thoughts from the Counselor

When I look at a child that has anger issues I see a child that is screaming for help. He is fighting with every fiber of his being to control the emotions inside of him. The child that is throwing chairs or kicking furniture cannot control the emotional volcano erupting from within. Often he is doing his best, but has not been given the tools to cope with the perceived injustice of his world. Many adults are shocked and angered by this behavior. In an attempt to control the outrageous behavior they yell or physically restrain the angered child. In a situation that is unsafe – restraint may be the only option. Often restraining a child will escalate the situation creating a power struggle that may have a negative impact on the relationship. Read More

Arlington Center Tours

You're invited! We will be on-site from 5pm-8pm this Thursday, 7/23, for anyone that would like to drop by to take a tour of our new center! If you would like to schedule a tour for another time, please call us at 252-215-9032. Hope to see you Thursday! Read More

What is STEAM Education?

What is STEAM education? Simply put STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. One of the main reasons for incorporating STEAM into the classroom is to allow students opportunities to think critically and to problem solve, as well as to introduce them at an early age to peek their interests in these areas. Children’s World Learning Center & Academy is among the first elementary schools in Eastern NC to incorporate STEAM into our daily lessons. We have a STEAM lab that our students will visit every day. They will have the opportunity to do fun, educational experiments that not only promotes collaboration, but enhances student learning. STEAM Education will help give them the skills and perseverance needed to tackle any situation they may encounter. Our STEAM objectives are listed below. Read More