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It’s that time of year again; as the leaves begin to turn and the days grow shorter, students across the country are getting ready to close out the semester. This means that there are a lot of students prepping for tests and exams. This time of the year brings anxiety, stress, and fear, but Children’s World offers after school care for students to help them get ready to take on the rest of the semester with confidence.

If you have a child who falls into the latter category, don’t despair. There are plenty of things you can do at home to help your child study without stress. Here are six tips to get you started.

  1. Get organized
  2. Take breaks
  3. Create a positive environment
  4. Be encouraging
  5. Teach coping skills

Get Organized

One of the best things you can do to help your child reduce stress during the school year is to get organized. This means creating a study schedule and sticking to it. It also means making sure all school materials are in one place and easily accessible. A little bit of organization can go a long way toward reducing stress on both you and your child, that way you aren’t worried about finding homework assignments or resources to study or bring to their after-school childcare center.

Give Breaks

Studying for long periods can be draining, both mentally and physically. It’s important to take breaks now and then to refuel. Encourage your child to take about 10 minutes every hour or so to get up and move around or just relax their mind. This will help them stay fresh and focused when it’s time to hit the books again. At Children’s World after school care center, we encourage students to play as hard as they work so they don’t experience burnout.

Create A Positive Environment

The environment in which your child studies can have a big impact on their level of stress. Make sure the study area is well-lit and comfortable, with plenty of space to spread out books and materials. Try to keep distractions to a minimum; TVs and cell phones should be kept out of the room and turned off until the next break. Creating a positive environment, such as the one we offer at our childcare center, will help your child feel more relaxed and ready to learn.

Be Encouraging

One of the best ways you can help your child reduce stress is by being encouraging; praising their efforts, even when they make mistakes, and letting them know that you’re there for them no matter what happens. A little bit of encouragement can go a long way toward boosting confidence and reducing anxiety levels, especially from someone as close to them as their parents!

Teach Coping Skills

Coping with stress is an important skill for everyone, but it’s especially important for students during exam time. Teach your child some simple coping skills, such as deep breathing or muscle relaxation, that they can use when they start feeling overwhelmed. Helping them learn how to deal with stress now will set them up for success in the future. At Children’s World, one of the top after school programs in Greenville, we also encourage them to use coping skills to help them with stressful tasks, such as homework or studying.

Children’s World Learning Center | After School Care

No one likes feeling stressed out, least of all students during exam time. However, there are things you can do as a parent to help reduce your child’s stress levels during this hectic time of year. From getting organized to teaching coping skills, a little bit of effort on your part can go a long way toward helping your child succeed in school—and life! To learn more about how we can help your child be successful in their academic endeavors and our after school care, please visit our website.


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